November 2019

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I’m assuming you read Jendrik Illner’s links collections, and Matt Pharr’s blog, among others. Here’s seven other things for today:

  • Wolfgang Engel and company have released on Github?The Forge, a cross-platform path tracer.
  • Painting with CSS and HTML. Tres Zen: “Smith has a stringent rule that leaves this former web developer a little flabbergasted: all elements must be typed out by hand.”
  • Such a simple shadertoy, 5 lines of code. I feel like this should be a final exam question, “how does this work?” (and I’d rather not take that test…).
  • Sea-Thru color corrects so that you can see what aquatic life looks like when unfiltered by sea water.
  • The worst Stack Overflow rendering-related answer in the world.
  • Yet another new rights issue: who owns a celebrity’s appearance after they die, and for how long?
  • I’ve enjoyed playing with, a free phone app from Ubiquity6 that does a stereogrammetric capture of objects or spaces. You can post and share scans, and the explore interface is nice and intuitive on the phone (use one, two, and three finger touch gestures). You can download the data set to OBJ, gtTF, and PLY file formats.?Here’s an example, which is hardly the best scan but looks nice & artsy in Microsoft’s 3D Viewer. I like that the pic below caught our RTR book’s cover.


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