September 2020

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Maybe make it these three? They’re the “best paper” award winners for this year’s I3D, which (finally) was held, virtually, two weeks ago. I’ve almost recovered. Almost.

In addition to being available on the ACM Digital Library for subscribers, all three of these papers (along with many of the others) are available on the authors’ websites.

I3D 2020 (“ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games” for short) starts this Monday. Here are some pro tips.

  • If you want to integrate I3D 2020’s calendar with your own, see the instructions here.
  • The daily YouTube livestreaming links are in place.
  • Crowd-pleasing academic keynotes are from Ming Lin (University of Maryland) and?Julien Pettré (Inria), and industry?keynotes?from Rachel Rose (ILM), Naty Hoffman (Lucasfilm), and David Morin (Epic Games). Expect Mandalorians. Late-breaking news: the ILM/Lucasfilm talk on Tuesday morning will be a live presentation only, not permanently recorded. Similarly, the Epic Games talk will be a live presentation only, as this will allow David to show some new content.
  • Paper presentations are queued up, and registered attendees will have access to the slides from these. If you don’t have an ACM Digital Library subscription, come Monday the papers themselves will be?free to all to download for the week.
  • The VR posters space has opened up to also be the breaks and after-hours social room – works fine in your browser. You can visit any time (now, in fact), if you’re registered. Pick a nice avatar (I dibs the blocky fox).
  • Plan on the rest of Friday off: after the conference is officially over, we will coordinate Overwatch and Fall Guys?gaming groups, or you can just invite other attendees yourself through Discord. Most attendee interaction this week will be through Discord (hey, “Games” is in the title of our conference), but you’ll need to register.

And, here’s the registration link (it’s free):– make sure to copy (at least) the Discord information once you’ve registered

I3D 2020 VR poster space