Bézier, Gouraud, Fresnel

Vincent Scheib’s terminology rant included how to pronounce “SIGGRAPH” (i.e., like “sigma”), a pet peeve of mine. This reminded me of the following.

While writing the book, we wanted to give phonetic spellings of various common graphics terms – after hearing someone pronounce “Gouraud” as “Goo-raude” I thought it worth the time. In searching around, I realized that people seemed to somewhat disagree about Bézier, so finally I asked a few people from France. Frédo Durand gave the best response, sending an audio clip of him pronouncing the words. So, without further ado, here’s the audio clip. Now you know.

Update:?here’s a nice article about pronunciation of many other computer graphics related terms.

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  1. Cone’s avatar

    I enjoy making programmers flinch as I say Bez-yay, Frez-nel, and Goo-Rad. Tomato to them.

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