WebGL Browser Editors

I asked Patrick Cozzi if he knew of any WebGL editors working in the browser. There turn out to be quite a few, each with their own focus:

Enjoy! And let us know of any others you find.

Note: we’ve added a resource page for WebGL-related information.

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  1. MonkeyMayor’s avatar

    Over 4 years on, the landscape has changed considerably. Maybe time for an updated article? Perhaps the best known WebGL Editor today is PlayCanvas – https://playcanvas.com – which is built on an open source engine – https://github.com/playcanvas/engine A few others have sprung up too like WebGLStudio. Things certainly have advanced a long way since 2012!

  2. Eric’s avatar

    I’ve heard of PlayCanvas, I’ve seen the website before. It was already included on our WebGL resources page, http://www.cgoclim.com/webgl.html, which I should add a link to from this blog entry. Done! I hadn’t heard of WebGLStudio; thanks, and added.

    Best of luck with your product PlayCanvas.

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