Globillum mailing list archive to 2019

Download the globillum archive text files: If you know of a good thread viewer for either of these files, please let me know.

If you have archives from earlier than 1994, send them on.

Globillum is a mailing list started back in 1989. It's now essentially gone, so don't try to subscribe. This page was created because of this tweet by Pete Shirley. I knew this question about specular and whatnot terminology had been discussed on the globillum mailing list, but I didn't have access to the archive. I figured someone had these emails somewhere, so contacted Holly Rushmeier, who pointed me at George Drettakis as the current guardian of globillum. I contacted George to see if he had a copy, who pulled Nicolas Holzschuch in to help.

It turned out the archives of the globillum mailing list were lost during a change of e-mail servers. Nicolas kindly contacted past subscribers and asked for any emails they had saved from this list. The most complete were Greg Ward's and Werner Purgathofer's, though I won't swear either has everything. In fact, I'm betting they don't, as between the two of them there are globillum emails in one but not the other, both ways. If someone wants to merge these two files into one, go for it and I'll host it. It looks like an afternoon Python or Perl project, but I have cookies to bake.

Thanks to all who sent on their archives (in alphabetical order):

Werner's was the most complete, saving me writing a merge script. So, that's what you are downloading.